How Vallance Fabrics Became One of the Largest Wholesale Textile Suppliers in Australia

There are many different options for textile suppliers in Australia but, as experienced designers know all too well, not every supplier is up to the task. When you’re looking for a new textile source, you want a name you can trust. After all, delayed shipments or damaged material can put a real strain on your business.

With 40 years of experience and an extensive range of fabrics and designs, Vallance Fabrics is the name you need. Since 1977, we’ve been supplying Australia with high-quality materials and customer service to match. With a global supply network, Vallance Fabrics can offer almost any fabric you require. From common cotton blends to specially developed textiles designed for comfort and longevity, if it’s out there, we can get it. We’ll even special-order custom fabrics or designs if you need something we don’t already have in stock.

The Wholesale Textile Supplier for Australia's Schools

When we first started out as a wholesale textile supplier, our focus was on providing school uniforms, and this remains a substantial part of our business today. Over the years, we’ve become the largest school uniform suppliers in Australia and have expanded to New Zealand and Canada as well. School uniforms, it turns out, are a great place to start in the textile business. Since children wear these uniforms often it’s important for the material to be comfortable and sturdy. Balancing the feel of the material with the ability to stand up to childhood wear and tear is no easy task. Learning to strike that balance taught us a lot about textiles, and we’ve carried this knowledge over into all our collections.

Today, we still provide school checks as well as uniforms for work settings, but we’ve expanded in other ways as well, now also offering fashion fabrics under the name Vallance Fabrics. This line is focused less on utility and more on creative design. While you still get that Vallance Fabrics sturdiness that’s helped make us one of Australia's largest wholesale fabric suppliers, you’ll also get fashion-forward designs and a wider range of options with our Vallance collection. No matter what you’re aiming to create, Vallance Fabrics can help make it possible with premier fabric and a friendly customer service experience.

The Vallance Fabrics Difference

With representatives in every state, it’s easy to get started with Vallance Fabrics. We’ll work to understand your needs and find the best fabric for you - including options you might not have considered yet. We love working with textiles, and that means we’re willing to go above and beyond to make sure we get it right.

One major factor that sets us apart is that, instead of reacting to what we see in the market, we try to anticipate where the fashion world is heading and stay abreast of new developments in everything from sustainability to colour palettes. We like to be on the same page as the fashion lines we’re working with, and our customer service reps are experienced and informed on all things fashion. To see the difference for yourself, contact us today! Vallance Fabrics orders, get in touch with us here.